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It's finally here... Where 'The Secret' ends, the 'Meta Secret' begins. Now you can watch the Meta Secret Movie DVD online and start to attract everything you want in life. With the 7 Hermatic laws that govern life in our universe, you can now buy the Meta Secret DVD today and watch it online with immediate web access.

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The Meta Secret MP4 Movie


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The Meta Secret Movie reveals a Secret beyond all secrets in step-by-step technologies to create Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Love which you’ve always wanted.

With knowledge and the controls necessary to optimize your energy, feelings, and vibrations you’ll be guided forward on your own path to your life purpose as you manifest exactly what you want.

The Meta Secret is based on real-life events of Mel Gill, author and producer of this film. Beginning with his near-death experience, he overcomes physical challenges to bring you the Secret beyond all Secrets and profound ancient teachings of the Masters of Wisdom worldwide including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale who appeared in "The Secret", and who return to refocus in great depth on the Law of Attraction together with new insights from Jay Abraham, Masaru Emoto, Eli Davidson and many others.

The Meta Secret is a continuing Gift from us to you. It is the KEY to the other ancient Secret Laws surpassing the Law of Attraction and you’ll know the Law doesn’t work for everyone. It’s no accident that this movie is here for you.